2016 results
23 April 2020
2016 results
In 2016, we got the best result in the entire history of the agricultural business segment: gross collection, revenue and net profit records were reached.

We managed not only to fulfill the ambitious plans announced in the spring, but also to exceed the control figures for productivity and gross harvest. Grain production in 2016 amounted to more than 300 thousand tons (the plan is 128% fulfilled), oilseeds production - more than 50 thousand tons (the plan is 117% fulfilled). We received a record yield for winter wheat - 66.1 c / ha, winter barley - 77 c / ha, corn - 100.3 c / ha, sunflower - 28.7 c / ha.

High production results were obtained through the use of resource-saving technologies, modern technology and favorable weather conditions during the growing season of plants.

Gross harvest of grain and industrial crops, thousand tons. According to the results of the year, we received a historical maximum of revenue and net profit - 3,607 and 1,026 million rubles. respectively. Revenue, mln. Rub. Net profit, million rubles We built the most modern vegetable store in the region, increased the fleet of Agroholing by 24 KAMAZ.

We are completing the construction of a second shipping terminal at the elevator to receive the most productive shipment by rail in the Stavropol Territory.

The task for the future is to maintain the achieved indicators, expand the land bank to 100 thousand hectares, expand the irrigated area and double the production of onions, and actively develop production systems.


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